May 18, 2024

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Pain of hunger: A man picks up tallow and meat bones rejected by the market in a truck in Rio de Janeiro.  Unemployment and widespread inflation increase the number of people at risk of food insecurity in Brazil

The newspaper says vaccinated travelers from Brazil can enter the UK without being isolated

Passengers who have been fully vaccinated leaving Brazil will be allowed to enter the UK without the need for isolation once they arrive in British territory, The Telegraph reported on Saturday. The move is expected to be announced on Thursday and is expected to take effect in October, as dozens of people will be removed from London’s “red list”.

Currently, if a person has crossed one of the 54 countries on the “red list” in the last 10 days before coming to the UK, they can only enter the territory if they are British or Irish. Right to live in the country ..

Delta vaccine and low impact: South America is no longer part of the world with the highest number of cases and deaths due to Govt

The UK divides countries’ risk levels into three groups: red, amber and green. However, on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is expected to reduce that estimate to two groups: the rest of the world (ROW) and the Reds.

In the new classification, people who come from a country in the ROW group and are fully vaccinated will also be exempted from a test before leaving for the UK, the Independent newspaper reported. However, they have to take a test two days after their arrival by the end of October.

This applies to people who have been fully vaccinated in the UK, with vaccines approved by the UK program abroad or with vaccines approved in Europe or the United States. This includes vaccines for Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson (single dose). It is not yet clear, but passengers who are fully vaccinated by Coronavac will be subjected to a test before leaving for British territory and will be isolated for 10 days when they arrive.

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According to the Telegraph, the number of countries on the red list will drop from 54 to 9. South Africa and Mexico are the other countries that should benefit from the change.

This will make it easier for official delegations and civil society to attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change. COP-26Starts October 31 in Glasgow, Scotland

In mid-September, the German government ruled that travelers leaving Brazil could enter its territory. Isolation is not required, Should only present a negative test of Govt-19 when coming to the country.

Inequality: Only 0.3% of the world’s poorest countries were vaccinated against COV-19

Other places in Europe allow those leaving Brazil to enter their territories without being isolated. Places like Switzerland, Spain, Finland and Iceland – which also require a negative Govt test – are authorized to enter, and if a passenger is vaccinated – all vaccines used in Brazil are accepted by all four countries.

Those who want to move from Brazil to Portugal, submit a negative test. On the other hand, it allows entry into France without isolating those who have been vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine. For those who do not meet the requirement, Paris only authorizes the arrival of travelers from Brazil for urgent reasons.