June 22, 2024

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The Northeast Cup has groups set for 2022;  see transformation

The Northeast Cup has groups set for 2022; see transformation

Championship keys were withdrawn on Monday (6). Bahia is the current champion

a Northeast Cup On Monday, I decided (6) groups for the tournament that will be held in 2022. In total, 16 teams dream of the title. The format has been the same since 2019: two groups of eight teams each.

See the groups below:

Group A: succumb toAnd sportsAnd Athletic-BAAnd CSAAnd Sampaio KoreaAnd CampinasAnd Globo-RN NS sergeby.

Group B: carAnd BahiaAnd NauticalAnd CRBAnd Botafogo BBAnd highAnd Floresta C NS Sousa-PB.

The competition is known as classic cup, because it directs clubs in the same state to fall into different groups and stars in the classics. Thus the following confrontations have already been determined:

  • Ciara x Fortaleza

  • Bahia x Atlético Ba

  • Sport × Bahri

  • CRB x CSA

  • Botafogo-PB x Campinense

According to the regulations, each club of eight from the group faces the competition in one round. The top four in each segment advance to the next stage of the tournament.

In the quarter-finals and semi-finals, singles matches. The big decision will be played on the round trip system.

The sixteen clubs were divided into four pots. Each pot respects the team’s position in the national club ranking. Subdivision also determines how much each one will receive per share. The value will be determined by the Northeast League.

  • Pot 1 – Bahia, Ciara, Fortaleza and Sport

  • Pot 2 – CSA, Sampaio Corrêa, CRB, Náutico

  • Pot 3 – Botafogo-PB, Globo-RN, Altos and Campinense

  • Pot 4 – Floresta-CE, Sergipe, Atlético-BA, Sousa-PB

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The biggest champions are: Bahia and Vitoria, with four titles, Sport with three titles, Ciara, two titles, Campinense, Fortaleza, Santa Cruz, America-RN and Sampaio Correia, with one.