December 1, 2023

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The occupancy rate of the general SUS beds in Greater Curitiba increases and the hospital registers the ambulance queue.  Watch the video

The occupancy rate of the general SUS beds in Greater Curitiba increases and the hospital registers the ambulance queue. Watch the video

While occupancy of SUS Covid beds is low, occupancy of general SUS beds for adults is very high in Curitiba and the metropolitan area. On Friday night (29), there was a line of ambulances with patients waiting for care at Hospital de Trabalhador, as shown in a video sent by a lifeguard.

One of the rescuers, who asked not to be identified, said, “We have had a patient in the ambulance for more than two hours and there are no vacancies in any hospital. They sent us to the worker, as there are no vacancies in the others.” , in an interview with Bim Parana. At the time pictures were taken of the worker’s queue of ambulances, at 8 pm, the information sent to the rescuers was that there were no more vacancies in the Evangelical Hospital and Kagoro Hospital. Bem Paraná has asked hospitals for a position on the high mobility and lack of vacancies and as soon as they are sent, the report will be updated.

According to a doctor from Kagoro, the number of injuries, especially in traffic accidents, has increased significantly in the past two weeks, but the peak occurred on Thursday (28) and Friday (29). It should also be noted the number of falls from a high level. The accidents also add to the viruses that are also on the rise at this time of year.

Data from the Paraná State Department of Health (Sesa), updated on Thursday (28), has already revealed the crisis. Of the 16 hospitals in Greater Curitiba with SUS-enabled generic beds, 10 had no vacancies. In Paraná as a whole, according to data on the 28th, the occupancy rate throughout Paraná was 90%.

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General adult household occupancy rate by SUS, data from 04/28, by SUS

Campina Grande
Angelina Caron Hospital 100%

wide field
Saint Luke’s Hospital 100%
100% center hospital
Hospital de Rossio 100%

McKenzie Evangelist Hospital 100%
Zelda ARNS Hospital for the Elderly 93%
Hospital Nossa Senhora das Gracas 50%
Santa Casa Hospital 100%
Hospital workers 100%
Hospital do Cagoro 83%
Red Cross Hospital 100%
St. Vincent’s Hospital 88%
Erasto Gaertner Hospital 85%
Hospital das Clinicas 100%

Sao Jose dos Pinhais
Maternity Hospital and Municipality of São José dos Pinhais 100%

Araucaria Municipal Hospital 0%

baby care

Not only medical care for adults who have a crisis in recent days. On Thursday (28), A The emergency room of the Hospital Pequeno Príncipe, in Curitiba, a reference in the care of children and adolescents by the Unified Health System (SUS), Her morning energy reached 100% due to increased attendance for respiratory issues. AndDue to the increasing demand for the care of children with respiratory symptoms in the health network (public and private) in Curitiba, the Municipal Health Administration (SMS) has chosen to temporarily restructure its services from Friday (29). The change will be maintained for as long as it is needed.

Eleven health units have been converted into points of care for adults and children with mild and moderate respiratory symptoms (Curitiba residents with mild respiratory symptoms should opt for teleconsultation by calling 9000-3350). Nine of these units serve children, teens, and adults with respiratory symptoms and therefore do not use flu and covid-19 vaccines.. The Ouvidor Pardinho unit accepts adults only. The Mãe Curitibana unit serves children only (except this Saturday, when it receives children on D-Day for flu and measles vaccinations). On the days of operation, Ouvidor Pardinho and A Mãe Curitibana will continue to vaccinate against influenza and virus for the summoned public.

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