March 31, 2023

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The Origin of Oil and the Fragile Defense: Meet the Oriente Petrolero, Fluminense opponent in Sud Americana |  fluminence

The Origin of Oil and the Fragile Defense: Meet the Oriente Petrolero, Fluminense opponent in Sud Americana | fluminence

With renewed confidence after the title of Carioca, a Fluminense Turning her attention to the Copa Sudamericana next Wednesday. And if Tricolor comes out full on the match, Oriente Petrolero, their opponent on the competition’s debut, comes from an even more precarious position in the season.

Founded by workers from the state-owned Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) in 1955, Oriente Petrolero is a team from the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Considered one of the best teams in Bolivia, the club is proud that it has never been relegated to the Bolivian Championship.

Oriente Petrolero, Fluminense opponent at Sud Americana – Photo: Twitter / Oriente Petrolero

In fifth place in Group A of the Apertura 2022 tournament, with 9 points, the team comes after its 2-1 defeat to Real Santa Cruz away, leaving the tournament classification zone – leaders Nacional Potosí has ​​14 points.

In all, there are nine matches, five wins – three in the national championship – and four defeats. One of the problems the team faced this season was the defensive problem. Coach Erwin Sanchez’s side already conceded 11 goals in 2022, averaging 1.22 per game.

– It will be a very important challenge to face great teams (in Sudamericana). Little by little, we prepared ourselves to get into this situation in the best way. Despite being considered the weakest team in the groupWe are still excited about the competition and doing things well,” the coach said at a press conference.

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With Roca and Ayrton Buzz feuding for the title on the left side, Bolivian journalist Koiko Berbuet believes this could be one of the team’s weaknesses. For him, the team will try to defend, leave and speed on the counterattack

I think the fragility represented by Oriente Petrolero may be due to the left-back, and Sanchez still has not found the right man and permanent holder. I think Oriente Petrolero will go into the game to defend himself, with a very defensive squad, trying to get out quickly with Dorrego and Facundo Suárez – said Birbuet to the coach.

Bolivians descend on Rio de Janeiro for the first duel between the two teams in history, at the Maracana. But playing away from home may not be a problem for the “valentists,” according to Bolivian journalist Herre Antonio Herrera Benitez of Radio Alternativa.

The strong point is that it is a team with a lot of scope that plays as a visitor. At home, he often hesitates due to the pressure of the crowd – the journalist told General Electric.

Oriente Petrolero – Photo: Twitter / Oriente Petrolero

In the first stage of Sudamericana, Oriente Petrolero really surprised playing away: he beat Royal Pari by 3 to 2 as a visitor. On the way back, it was a 3-0 win.

We know the respect we have with our players Fluminensebut We should not confuse respect with fear – said the team coach.

Fluminense The Oriente Petrolero made his debut in the Copa Sudamericana on Wednesday, 19:15 (Brasilia time), in the Maracana.

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