July 19, 2024

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The policeman who was killed in Ponce was 18 days away from retiring

The policeman who was killed in Ponce was 18 days away from retiring

Erasmo Garcia Torres, Today, the Puerto Rico police officer who was killed at noon on Thursday had only 18 days to retire.

This was done by Colonel Point Sanchez eInterview with Jay Fonseka day by dayOn June 28, the agent turned 30 years old in uniform.

Garcia Torres is 50 years old and working Bones area motor fitted unit He was shot by someone who had already been arrested during a traffic intervention.

Has been identified as a suspect Brian Ramos Rivera.

According to Colonel Sanchez, everything happened when the agent intervened with Ramos Rivera for violating traffic laws.

The man starts marching again and the agent tries to intervene following him. It was at that point that the suspect threw two guns at him.

Extensive criminal record

The man arrested for the murder, Ramos Rivera, had a long record of previous crimes.

Among them, some offenses committed in 2015 and others in 2020, possession of controlled goods and violation of the Arms Act. Even so, he was still free.

“I am In this case, I hope this material will pay for the crime he committed, “the Colonel said in tears during a televised interview.

On the other hand, he pointed out that an investigation is underway and they have not yet determined what motivated the individual to take the person’s life or whether there were other individuals who collaborated with him.

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