May 18, 2024

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has urged Chelsea fans to stop pronouncing Abramovich's name

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has urged Chelsea fans to stop pronouncing Abramovich’s name

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on Chelsea fans to stop pronouncing Roman Abramovich’s name through his spokesman, saying the government is ready to sell the club, as they did last Sunday with a 1-0 lead against Newcastle. The request for it has not yet arrived.

Considered a “pro-Kremlin oligarchy” in the United Kingdom, he supplies steel to Russian military tanks and froze his assets last week amid sanctions imposed by the Johnson-led government from the Abramovich Conservative Party. Chelsea were given a special license to continue playing in their matches, but were restricted by the aim of preventing Abramovich from becoming rich through the club.

Chelsea fans chanted the name of the Russian player who bought the club in 2003 and clapped for a minute in support of Ukraine in beating Ukraine Burnley, turning it into one of Europe’s great powers, an attitude not accepted by the Blues coach. ., Thomas Thuchel.

Now Johnson’s spokesman stressed a bit of common sense: “We recognize the strength of the feeling around the people’s club, but it does not condone completely inappropriate behavior at this point. I think people can show interest and support for their club without resorting to things like this.

The process of selling Chelsea, which was started by Abramovich before the ban, was initially halted, but is being advanced by the US company Rain Group. According to the BBCThe deadline for proposals has been extended to March 18 and there are more than 20 credible interested parties.

The government has given Chelsea a special license to continue operating despite the restrictions, and will have to provide another for the sales process following an agreement that the funds will go to a charity. According to the BBC, the account is disabled.

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“We are open to the sale of the club. We will consider the license request to allow this under the right circumstances. But Chelsea will decide the right process. My understanding is that potential buyers will approach the club and apply for another license to facilitate sales. As far as I know, that has not happened yet,” the spokesman said. .

Meanwhile, Chelsea are still trying to solve practical problems. Through restrictions, he is barred from selling new tickets for his upcoming matches (one of the restrictions on making money at the Abramovich Club). Only season ticket holders can access the games. This is less of an issue in the Premier League, as these types of tickets are widely sold before the start of the season.

But in matches like the FA Cup and the Champions League, is the club still alive? “We urge the government to allow our fans to access the tickets. Meetings are held daily to find a solution. In addition, if the Premier League and the FA do not allow fans to attend, they will discuss issues with the government and the integrity of the game, “Blues said in a statement on their official website.

“We know there is a great deal of frustration among our fans regarding this issue and we are doing everything we can to resolve it as soon as possible.”