October 1, 2023

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The STF gives the union five days to explain the readjustment of health plans

The STF gives the union five days to explain the readjustment of health plans

The Federation and the Prosecutor of the Republic, Augusto Arras, have five days to present explanations to Federal Supreme Court (STF) On the decision of the National Health Agency that resulted in 15.5% readjustment of health plans.

The summons was taken by Minister Dias Toffoli over an allegation of non-compliance with a fundamental principle (ADPF) made by the Sustainability Network Party, which is requesting clarifications from the federal government about the readjustment. In addition, the acronym requires the court to provide the federal executive with a plan to lower prices for health plans, subject to the 10-day cap.

On May 26, the ANS authorized readjustment of up to 15.5% for individual and family health plans.

The percentage is the maximum in force for the period between May 2022 and April 2023. The measure covers contracts of nearly 8 million beneficiaries, representing 16.3% of consumers of health care plans in Brazil.

The readjustment is the largest in the historical series that began in 2000, when the current readjustment model came into effect. Until then, the highest percentage was 13.57% in 2016.

In all, there are 49.1 million beneficiaries with healthcare plans in the country, according to data released by the ANS, referring to March 2022. The Ministry of Economy analyzed the 2022 index and approved it at a college board meeting.

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