September 24, 2023

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Ford Maverick 2022

The success of the United States explains why the Maverick Hybrid stayed away from Brazil

An interesting fact was revealed by Ford Authority An interesting hybrid version of Ford Maverick helps to understand why it is not planned in the Brazilian market.

The North American site, which specializes in brand coverage, obtained access to the report from Ford for dealers in the United States, claiming that the entire product of Maverick 2022 with hybrid propulsion was practically sold out.

With that said, consumers who want to electrify the pickup will have to wait until the Maverick 2023 line launches in the middle of next year to deliver the order.

Here in Brazil, at least so far, Ford has only confirmed Maverick’s marketing on its top-of-the-line Lariat FX4 chart with a 2.0 turbo petrol engine and all-wheel drive system.

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Hybrid Maverick, at a competitive price of less than US $ 20,000, in addition to its low consumption, attracted attention at the time of its official release in the United States with an official average of 17.8 km / l.

So of course the high demand for the Maverick Hybrid in the US prevents Ford from expanding its offer of pickup entry structure to other markets.

It is a fact that Ford will give the Maverick in Brazil a unique position in terms of price, apparently above the Fiat Toro, so the figures are over R $ 200 thousand. In this context, importing the pickup truck into its complete list makes a lot of sense to mark the introduction of the model in our market.

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However, hybrid propulsion is an important Maverick variation, and since production and demand are equal in North America, Brazil cannot believe that Mavericks were electrified. Let’s follow closely!

Ford Maverick 2022
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