May 25, 2024

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The U.S. Low-Citizens' Assistance Program seeks help with an Internet connection

The U.S. Low-Citizens’ Assistance Program seeks help with an Internet connection

Low-income and deserving people living in the United States can apply for their assistance by the last day of the year. Accounts Of the Internet. The move is part of a new accessibility plan launched in North America with $ 14.2 billion (approximately R $ 79 billion) in bilateral infrastructure legislation approved in November.

Families can claim up to $ 30 a month from their credit account. Service Of the Internet. For families on eligible tribal lands, a discount of up to $ 75 per month is offered. In our currency, they are R $ 167 and R $ 418, respectively. The project will help connect millions of people to the Internet, especially in communities that have historically struggled to connect.


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The FCC extends assistance initiated during epidemics

To get an idea of ​​what the internet connection problem is in the United States, almost a third of the people living in the tribal lands do not have high speed internet. At home. These are the latest data, according to A statement Of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In addition to limited infrastructure, cost is often another barrier that prevents poor people from accessing the Internet.

The United States ranks second in broadband prices among the 35 countries surveyed by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In addition, Native Americans and Alaskan Native Americans have the highest poverty rates of any ethnic group in the United States. Department of Census Two USA.

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A Subscription In the program, this is done over the Internet, and there is the possibility of printing a form, filling it out and sending it by mail. Individuals eligible for an accessible connection plan may be eligible for a one-time $ 100 (BRL 557) discount on a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer from participating providers (including T-Mobil, AT&T, and Verizon).

This plan is basically a long-term alternative to the temporary emergency broadband benefits plan, which was launched to help Americans During the Kovit-19 epidemic. The subsidy is now slightly lower for some families compared to the previous family, which was $ 50. However, the FCC has expanded the criteria for who can apply.

Lets connect

There is more funding on the way to ending the American digital division. The new $ 1 trillion infrastructure law will include $ 65 billion (approximately R $ 362 billion) to increase broadband access. More than 30 million Americans live somewhere without adequate broadband infrastructure A note Rule Pitan.

In Brazil, there is a similar program Wi-Fi Brazil, It is intended to take Link High speed to all parts of the country, small or no connection. The creation of Wi-Fi Brazil will help meet the national objectives of public telecommunications policy.

The Brazilian project is primarily aimed at communities Condition In the world of information and communication technology, the social implications of ICT in other ways.

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