July 19, 2024

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The UK has begun developing guidelines for dropping Huawei equipment

The UK has begun developing guidelines for dropping Huawei equipment

The British government has begun consultations to determine ways to completely ban Huawei devices from 5G networks by the end of 2027. Since July 2020, when the government announced these plans, local telecom operators have begun to abandon it.

Image source: huawei.com

Sanctions against Huawei Former US President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden have backed the initiative: on Thursday, he signed what became known as the “Safe Equipment Act”. Oliver Dowden, Britain’s digital, culture, media and sports department, said US sanctions on Huawei would lead to “significant and concrete” changes in the company’s ability to supply equipment to the UK market. He said it was illegal to buy Huawei’s professional products and that from 2027, they would be completely excluded from 5G infrastructure.

Under the Telecommunications Act passed last November, the legal basis for recalling equipment from a Chinese manufacturer will be determined by government consultations with industry representatives. Four weeks are devoted to consultations with industry representatives, telecommunications service providers and Huawei. By January 28, 2023, the company’s equipment must be removed from major communications hubs, and by the end of 2027, it will have completely disappeared from British 5G infrastructure.

The British publication The Register published Huawei’s comment on the matter: “We look forward to continuing government investigations and continuing to support our UK customers with one of the most secure and trusted network equipment in the world. Due to political pressure, the government withdrew Huawei. [projetos] 5G delays its release by several years. At the same time, fiber optic broadband access compromises the deployment of networks, unnecessarily increasing costs for businesses and homes. The country has the right to expect decisions to be made on the basis of facts, not baseless security demands.

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