May 30, 2024

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Falta de chips semicondutores prejudicou a produção de automóveis no Reino Unido

The UK has had the smallest vehicle production since 1984

The corona virus epidemic and the semiconductor chip supply crisis have negatively impacted the automotive market, with one example in Europe.

According to the Association of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), vehicle production figures in November were “incredibly worrying” because the UK produced the lowest number of new vehicles since 1984.

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The country produced 75,756 vehicles last month. Worst of all, this decline marked the fifth consecutive month of decline in production.

Compared to November 2020, the UK produced 106,243 vehicles, a decline of 28.7% in production. By 2021, the country had produced 797,261 vehicles, down 6.2% from 849,525 in 2020.

SMMT points out the culprits for this failure. According to the organization, supply chain issues and the broader national environment are having a direct impact on the situation due to falling production numbers.

In addition to semiconductor chips and other Govt-related malfunctions, the UK has also suffered production losses following the closure of the Honda plant this summer.

And the display showed no signs of immediate improvement. According to SMMT CEO Mike Howes, “These are very worrying numbers, underscoring the gravity of the situation facing the auto industry.

Boris Feldman explains how manufacturers must deal with the semiconductor chip crisis

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