June 21, 2024

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The UK has pledged to ban combustion cars within 10 years

The UK has pledged to ban combustion cars within 10 years

The UK has decided to take drastic action and ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 onwards in order to reduce the emissions of harmful gases to the environment. Hybrid models may be sold until 2035.

Despite the bold proposal, which outstrips other European countries’ plans, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he does not want to ban the circulation of combustion-only cars, as the move would help with medium- and long-term renewal of the fleet. Circulation in England. According to Johnson, the renewal was natural once sales of internal combustion models were banned.

However, the full cycle of combustion vehicles is expected to take effect by 2050, the year in which islanders will no longer be able to afford fossil fuels. Also, thermoelectric plants in the country will be shut down.

Replacing the nation’s coal-fired thermoelectric plants is a challenge. Initially, this high-impact energy source will be banned by 2025, but there are still 8 plants of this type. The government has provided £1.2bn in incentives, about $1.6bn, but the target for installing wind farms has not been met and almost 37% of energy consumed in the UK comes from non-renewable sources.

To close the plants, the British government will invest more than £12bn or $16bn. Part of the capital will be used to modernize the country’s electricity system and develop electric vehicles, batteries and charging infrastructure.

*In collaboration with Philippe Salomo