February 23, 2024

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The UK has stopped offering offers to buy electric cars

This should happen sooner or later and the UK will be the first European country to immediately implement incentives to buy new cars. 100% electricity.

According to the British government, the decision was justified by the “victory of the electric car revolution in the United Kingdom” – sales increased from 1,000 units in 2011 to about 100,000 in the five months to 2022 alone – subsidies. More than 500,000 electric cars since the project began.

This is not a sudden decision. The British government has already reduced the value of the incentive several times, as well as the maximum value of the cars they can afford – the last reduction, six months ago, reduced the value of the subsidy from 00 2,500 to 1500 1,500. Pounds, 2900 euros and 1740 euros, respectively.

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