October 4, 2023

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The UK may stop being evicted from Kabul in the next "24 to 36 hours" - Spectator

The UK may stop being evicted from Kabul in the next “24 to 36 hours” – Spectator

The UK may stop evictions from Kabul in the next “24 to 36 hours”

At the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, the evacuation of British troops will end in the next “24 to 36 hours”. Defender, Citing sources linked to the Ministry of Defense under anonymity.

Now, about a thousand British soldiers and diplomats are assisting in field operations, evicting thousands of people every day to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power.

The opportunity to halt exit operations – which require soldiers and diplomats to leave Afghanistan by August 31 – comes after President Joe Biden decided not to extend his presence.

This possibility was strongly defended by the UK and European countries during the G7 meeting last Tuesday, but Joe Biden did not give up and promised to withdraw by August 31. However, all depends on the cooperation of the Taliban, and the US president guarantees that he will have a contingency plan if he wants to stay longer in Afghanistan.

The British government has made it clear that if this scenario is confirmed, the impossibility of evacuating all people who intend to leave Afghanistan will become increasingly real, and that it will not be possible to proceed at Kabul airport without a military presence. Of the United States

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