May 26, 2024

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The UK provides 20 million vaccines to developing countries

The UK provides 20 million vaccines to developing countries

AstraZeneca Vaccine (Photo: Denny Caesar / Code 19)

This was announced by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson The UK will provide 20 million doses of the Astrogenega vaccine against Covit-19 to developing countries. The move is part of an effort to share vaccines with countries where they are most needed.

The announcement was made by the Prime Minister who arrived in Rome for the G20 Leaders Summit starting today (30).

The UK says 10 million doses have been sent to the United Nations-backed Kovacs vaccine distribution program and another 10 million doses will be followed in the coming weeks.

These vaccines add to the 10 million doses already provided and are part of Britain’s commitment to share 100 million doses with most needy countries by mid – 2022.

Boris Johnson called on the Economic Group to vaccinate the world’s population by the end of 2022, saying, “As a member of the G-20, the first priority must be to promote rapid, equitable and global distribution of vaccines.”

Britain and other rich countries have been accused of stockpiling too many vaccines, some countries, especially in Africa, some or none at all.

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, ambassador to the World Health Organization, has called on the G-20 countries to speed up shipping and air travel. Doses not used for developing countries.

As he prepares to host the United Nations Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, starting this Sunday (31), the British leader hopes the G-20 discussions will focus on climate stability. (With information from AgĂȘncia Brasil)

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