June 20, 2024

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Reino Unido apresenta conceito de avião que usa hidrogênio como combustível

The UK puts forward the idea of ​​an aircraft that uses hydrogen as fuel

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) According to plans, a concept airplane using flying was recently released As liquid hydrogen fuel. It will be part of the FlyZero initiative, which, in partnership with the UK government, is set to deliver zero carbon aviation by the end of the decade.

The commercial aircraft discussed and used liquid hydrogen as fuel, in theory, is capable of carrying 279 passengers. It is designed for Atlantic overseas flights with or without a refueling stop. The ATI calculates a limit of 5,250 nautical miles, meaning that one must travel from London to San Francisco or Beijing without a stop or at a single stop to Auckland.

According to ATI, the aircraft will offer “the same speed and comfort as today’s aircraft” but will have zero carbon emissions. The project will consist of two turbophone engines powered by hydrogen combustion. The fuel is stored in four cryogenic tanks at minus 250 degrees Celsius. We will count the two large tanks at the back and the two smaller tanks at the front. The smaller tanks keep the aircraft in balance as fuel is burned and eliminate the need for additional aerodynamic structures.

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The project is interesting, but far from being implemented. ATI says we can see this “one day” and has yet to specify how it intends to address the challenges surrounding the use of hydrogen. For example, using hydrogen as a fuel would not be a cheap switch for fuel production or aircraft and storage space.


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