June 22, 2024

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The UK’s plan for the death of Queen Elizabeth

* This article was first published in June 2021

Incredibly, the monarchy and British Government We already know what will happen on the day of death (and next year) Queen Elizabeth II.

The project is called “Operation London Bridge“And the planning of government departments, the media, the Commonwealth of Nations and even changes in the currency and national anthem.

Queen Elizabeth II has held the throne since 1952, the longest reign of any king in British history. During that time, he attended 6 popes, 12 UK prime ministers and nearly 20 Olympics.

In addition, he is the sponsor of nearly 600 organizations and charities and plays a key role in the multi-national alliance of the UK. Therefore, his death can bring changes not only in the country but also in the world. See what happens:

What happens if the queen dies?

His private secretary, Sir Edward Young, immediately sent a message to the caretaker Prime Minister at that time. There may be news that “London Bridge has crashed”, prompting the Prime Minister to take action.

In a few more minutes, the Queen will be informing 15 more governments outside the UK of her presidency through a secure tax. After them, another 36 nations and Commonwealth leaders will be executed.