May 30, 2024

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The United States approves ETFs for shares exposed to Bitcoin

The United States approves ETFs for shares exposed to Bitcoin

The ETF approval of Bitcoin in recent years is one of the most anticipated moments by cryptocurrency investors, which is considered an important catalyst for a big rally! This week the US SEC directly approved an ETF that is the dream of many investors, even if it is not a bitcoin ETF.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of India (SEC), the leading authority on the US financial stock market, has recognized an ETF that counts about 30 companies with high exposure to bitcoin.

According to SEC documents This is called the new ETF Volt Crypto Industry Revolution and Technology ETF. The report states that Tesla and PayPal are part of the ETF.

ETF with shares of companies with Bitcoin exposure

According to the SEC, the main advantage of the new fund is that it is much less volatile than a pure bitcoin or cryptocurrency ETF because the shares of companies are not affected by the bitcoin accident.

Vault’s idea is to maintain a fund that monitors companies with high exposure to Bitcoin on their balance sheet, or to make up a portion of the profits from Bitcoin – related assets, such as mining, borrowing, or mining equipment.

One company that fits this criterion is Micro Strategy, whose shares seem to have a specific relationship with the price of Bitcoin, which is part of the company’s treasury.

The Volt Crypto Industrial Revolution and Tech EDF was approved last Tuesday, October 5th, and will be traded with Tigger PTCR.

Volt Crypto Industry Revolution

Sure, this is not the best solution many people expect, but it is definitely a great improvement for Bitcoin to gain more space in the traditional financial market. Since the SEC is not very supportive of recognizing a pure cryptomarket ETF, Volt will be very close to the Bitcoin ETF at this time.

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There are 13 Bitcoin ETFs in the SEC’s approval rating so far, and many believe we still have some options, although the financial authority has not shown much, and the Bitcoin ETF is likely to be approved later this year. . In support of the idea.

For now, the only way to take advantage of what is approved, and with the rise and high promise of Wikipedia, is to have the best time news.