June 16, 2024

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The United States has averaged the highest number of Govt deaths in almost a year  The world

The United States has averaged the highest number of Govt deaths in almost a year The world

The number of new cases of Govt-19 has already begun to decline To us, Though The country most affected by the epidemic is now suffering from an increase in the number of deaths.

The United States has averaged 603 thousand new victims per day Over the past seven days, it has fallen 25% from its peak 802 thousand Reached 15th (and very low for record) 1.37 million New cases registered on the 10th).

But still A Omigron variant Has not been shown to cause less death than other strains The new corona virus, and the moving average of deaths in the United States, which had already been on the upward trajectory since the end of November, gained traction and surpassed it. 2.3 thousand Wednesday (26) deaths.

This is the highest level since February 15, 2021, almost a year ago. Delta variant, From 2.1 thousand At the end of September (See chart below).

Despite the increase in the death toll, it is still lower than what was recorded on January 13, 2020 (3.4 thousand) And according to The New York Times, about 155,000 hospitalized people a day seem to have reached the plateau.

Deaths from Omigran in the United States are higher than the Delta peak – Photo: Elcio Horiuchi / g1

The country is plagued by the vaccine-against vaccine-19 vaccine problem, and large sections of the population are still refusing immunizations. – and although vaccines do not prevent the spread of the virus, research shows that they dramatically reduce the risk of death in the infected person.

Nearby 75% Americans already have at least one dose of available vaccine 63% Fully vaccinated against the virus, A level lower than the countries that started their campaigns much later Brazil (79% e 69%, Respectively) or the Japan (80% e 79%)

Increase in the number of deaths due Omigron variant The outbreak in the number of cases after the Christmas and New Year holidays has occurred not only in the United States, but in many countries.

The daily average of Govt-19 deaths worldwide is declining 5.9 thousand The 6th is the lowest level since October 25, 2020, but since then it has risen again today 8.4 thousand, High level for more than four months.

New graves were opened in the cemetery in Antonino, Poland, on January 11, 2022, amid the novel Corona virus (Govit-19) epidemic (Photo: Cockbur Bemble / Reuters)

Despite the increase in casualties, The current level is much lower than the epidemic record recorded almost a year ago. Moreover, with the progress of the vaccine, the number of infected people did not grow at the same rate as the number of outbreaks. (See maps below).

Four days later, on the 29th, the death toll peaked 13.9 thousand, Close to the world record to date (14.7 thousand On January 26 of the same year).

A year ago, the vaccine against Govt-19 was still in its infancy in the world and the United States and Europe were affected by the variation. Beta At the peak of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Today, 60% of the world’s population has already received at least one dose of available vaccines, and 52% have been fully vaccinated..

World death toll reaches maximum daily average in 4 months – Photo: Arte / g1

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