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The United States has condemned Russia’s new offensive near the NATO border

Posted on 03/13/2022 19:31 / Updated on 03/13/2022 20:27

(Credit: Chief of Defense Office / Twitter)

The Russian military has expanded its offensive in Ukraine and moved very close to the border with Poland, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Early Sunday morning (13/3), Russia attacked a military base in Yavori, 20 km from the Polish border.

At least 35 people were killed and 134 were injured. After the attack, according to Lviv Governor Maxim Kozitsky.

Lviv is a strategic area for the two warring nations. There, many refugees flee to Poland Weapons sent by Western nations Enter Ukraine. The Yavoriv military base also entertains NATO soldiers who have trained for the Ukrainian military.

The attack near the NATO border raises further warnings of a possible escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The United States, the world’s largest military power, has repeatedly stated that Does not want to send soldiers to fight in the territory of UkraineHowever, according to Joe Biden, they guarantee that we will protect “every inch of NATO territory.”

“The direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is a third world war and we must try to avoid it,” the US president announced at a Democratic convention last Friday (11/3).

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has condemned the attack. “We condemn the Russian Federation’s missile attack on the International Peace and Security Center in Yavor, near the Ukrainian border with Poland. Brutality must stop,” he wrote on Twitter.