June 24, 2024

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The US has discovered a lithium mine capable of producing nearly half a billion electric cars

The US has discovered a lithium mine capable of producing nearly half a billion electric cars

The United States could be at the forefront of a revolution in the electric vehicle market after California’s Salton Lake was found to contain the world’s largest lithium reserves.

Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryIn a recent study US Department of EnergyThe lake bed was found to contain enough lithium to make batteries 375 million electric vehicles.

A pioneering study quantifying the amount of lithium available under the lake indicates that the reserve can sustain production. 3,400 tons The metal is essential for making electric vehicle batteries.

Currently, the US has approx 2.4 million electric vehicles recorded with projections indicating a substantial increase by 2030 And already a lithium shortage is possible 2025.

A variety of green energy research has been conducted in the region, with several companies evaluating how to efficiently extract lithium. As stated therein Department of EnergyThe new discoveries could allow the U.S. to meet or exceed global lithium demand for decades.

Substantial investments are being sent to explore this reserve. A California Energy Commission Granted crores of grants to such institutions Berkshire Hathaway Energy And this Controlled heat resources To develop efficient mineral extraction techniques.

Important partnerships were also established, including collaborations between General Motors And this Controlled heat resourcesAs well as signed contracts Stellandis And this FordAll with the aim of ensuring sustainable extraction of lithium.

Extraction of lithium in the region Salton Sea It plans to avoid traditional methods like open pit mining which are harmful to the environment.

Instead, direct lithium extraction technology is being developed to separate lithium from other metals in brine and reduce environmental impact.

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Despite advances and investments, the challenge of lithium extraction still remains, with companies facing technical difficulties as equipment is quickly corroded by salt.

The scenario highlights both the potential and challenges the sector faces in its search for an effective and sustainable solution to the growing demand for lithium essential to the future of electric vehicles.

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