May 25, 2024

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Trump piggybacks on protests at American universities by distorting the truth  Sandra Cohen’s blog

Trump piggybacks on protests at American universities by distorting the truth Sandra Cohen’s blog

Trump has praised the police action, called the protesters “extremists” and has played down protests by authoritarians during his administration. – Photo: Victor J. Reuters via Blue/Pool

A The strategy is somewhat obvious: blame the disturbances Joe Biden, whom he likes to portray as weak, shows that the situation would be different if he were the commander. That has not been the case in the four years he has occupied the White House.

“You Radical extremists and ultra-leftist insurgents They’re terrorizing college campuses, you’ve probably noticed,” Trump said. “And Biden was nowhere to be seen. He didn’t say anything,” he said.

Under pressure from Young voters are dissatisfied with the conduct of US policy toward IsraelThe President took a long time to speak.

In a statement issued on Thursday in this regard, Biden finally broke his silence. He defended the right to freedom of expression, but not the right of protesters to cause confusion. He condemned the students for taking their demands about Israel’s war against Hamas too far, but maintained a policy of rejecting the deployment of the National Guard to campuses.

The former president is now using the protests to play down the violent episodes that have marked his tenure.

you It exploded in the country in 2020 after the murder of George FloydA black man was choked by a white police officer in Minneapolis. The then president was so enraged that he threatened to call in the army and the National Guard Protesters should be controlled.

Faced with rising tensions at student encampments set up on dozens of campuses, Trump has sought to distort reality, downplaying the scale of the riots at US Congressional headquarters four years ago and attacking the justice system.

“I wonder if what will happen to these protesters will be comparable to what happened on January 6 because they are causing a lot of destruction, causing a lot of damage and people are seriously injured. I wonder if they will be given the same treatment as January 6.

This is Trump, once again, trying to rewrite facts and history to suit himself..

The head of the European Commission has condemned the crackdown on protests in Georgia