May 30, 2024

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U.S. corporate stocks rise solidly in June – Money Times

Retail inventories rose 0.3% in June, down from 0.9% in May, as estimated in a previous report released last month (Image: Pixabay /)

Trading stocks United States Increased strongly in June, however a shortage of raw materials will continue to restart the efforts of auto retailers.

Shares Business The U.S. Commerce Department said it was up 0.8% after advancing 0.6% in May. United States This Tuesday.

Inventory is an important component Gross Domestic Product (GDP) From the country. The June increase was in line with the expectations of economists.

The volume of goods increased by 6.6% from last June.

Retail inventories rose 0.3% in June, down 0.9% in May from an earlier estimate released last month.

You Vehicle inventory fell 0.3% as estimated last month. The shortage of global semiconductors is hampering production Automobiles, Reduction in inventory and harm Retail.

Retail goods, excluding automobiles, rose 0.5% from last month’s estimate of 0.6% of GDP. Total sales rose 1.1% in June.

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