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UFC 272: Rafael dos Anjos defeats Warrior Renato Moikano in a bloody battle in Las Vegas |  Fighting

UFC 272: Rafael dos Anjos defeats Warrior Renato Moikano in a bloody battle in Las Vegas | Fighting

In the Brazilian fencing at UFC 272, Rafael dos Anjos won. Facing compatriot Renato Moikano, who accepted the fight just five days ago and offered with pure heart and determination, the former lightweight champion dominated almost the entire fight and won by unanimous decision of the judges (49-45, 49-44 and 50-44). The audience gave a warm welcome to both fighters after the fight.

Renato Moikano ended his fight against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 272 with a serious injury – Image: Getty Images

The fight began with Moicano looking to attack and trying to gain control of Rafael dos Anjos’ back by the fence for the first few seconds. Dos Anjos defended himself and moved away, gaining space to strike a good blow and bring the battle to the ground. Mohikano quickly got up and took the fight back to his feet. But the former lightweight champ went to another takedown, locking Moicano to the ground. With great intensity, Dos Anjos repeatedly attacked his compatriot, leaving no room for him to rise.

Rafael dos Anjos defeats Renato Moikano at UFC 272 – Image: Getty Images

In the second round, Rafael dos Anjos returned in search of takedowns, but Moikano was vigilant and defended the former champion’s first attempts to bring the fight to the ground. After a good exchange of blows to his feet, Dos Anjos was able to bring the fight back to Earth. With more physical preparation, the former champion dominated the dispute on the ground, keeping Moikano with his back on the ground and hitting whenever possible.

Rafael dos Anjos punches Renato Moikano at UFC 272 – Photo: Getty Images

The return for the third round brought Rafael dos Anjos once again imposing himself physically. Faster and more accurate, the former champion sent good hits, including a high kick that shook his opponent. Moikano absorbed a series of punches to the ground, but did not stop trying to defend himself. Dos Anjos was dominant in the fight, staying on top on the ground as in previous rounds, unsuccessfully trying katagatame in the last seconds.

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Rafael dos Anjos hits a lofty kick on Renato Moikano at UFC 272 – Image: Getty Images

The fourth round had the same scenario as the previous one: Rafael dos Anjos dominates the fight from above on the ground and Renato Moikano defends himself and tries to survive the fight. Moikano was seriously injured already at the end of the fourth round, and was evaluated by the event doctor, who gave the fighter the conditions to continue the fight. When the fight resumed, the pace of the fight obviously slowed down. Dos Anjos managed to manage the pace of the fight and, after exchanging a few blows, knocked Moikano down again. But this time, Mohikan got up and got back to the fight on his feet, tying a few more strikes. Badly wounded, Moikano stayed in the fight at the base of the heart, tying several hits at dos Anjos, who felt and defended, ensuring victory.

Bryce Mitchell increases his unbeaten record against Edson Barbosa

This was not the time that Bryce Mitchell had stopped defeating. Facing Brazilian Edson Barbosa, the American featherweight was able to withstand his opponent’s strong blows at the start of the fight, and took advantage of his ground game to disqualify Barbosa and win the fight by unanimous decision of the judges (30-25, 30-26 and 30-27), raising his record to 15 -0.

Bryce Mitchell defeated Edson Barbosa in his ground game at UFC 272 – Image: Getty Images

The first round started with Barbosa landing consecutive kicks in Mitchell’s legs. The American returned the low kicks, but without the same power. With less than a minute to start the fight, the American hit a header that unbalanced the Brazilian. Barbosa was lying on the side of the railing, and saw Mitchell fixed to the ground, throwing elbows and punches to the head and ribs. The Brazilian dominated America until he was able to rise. In the final seconds of the round, Barbosa dealt some blows to his opponent who seemed to sense it.

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Edson Barboza started the fight by attacking Bryce Mitchell’s legs at UFC 272 – Image: Getty Images

On the way back for the second round, after Barbosa landed a few hits, Mitchell received a takedown about 30 seconds into the fight. With his back on the ground again, the Brazilian goalkeeper tried to stop the fight until the referee ordered the two to get up. But the American remained active on the ground, hitting the Brazilian in the ribs and avoiding being “tied up”. With great effort, Barbosa got up, but Mitchell used wrestling to bring him down again. Pinned to the side of the fence, the American threw punches and avoided giving Barbosa a chance to get up, ending the round at the top on the ground.

Edson Barbosa started the third round well, getting a knockout in the first seconds, but without affecting Bryce Mitchell. The American got up and then knocked out the Brazilian again. Barbosa even tried to fit into a triangle, but the American easily defended. Already Barbosa was very tired, still trying to respond, but he could not impose himself on the American.

Kevin Holland knocks Alex Cowboy

In his first appearance in welterweight, American Kevin Holland faced difficulties at the beginning of the fight against the Brazilian Alex Cowboy, but he managed to impose himself in the sequence and defeated the Brazilian in 38 seconds of the second round with a series of punches and elbows on the ground .. This was the fourth loss on the Straight to Cowboy, who is in danger of being expelled by the organization.

Kevin Holland knocks out Alex Cowboy at UFC 272 – Photo: Getty Images

The fight began with fighters exchanging low kicks, and Holland took the lead in the fight, as Cowboy hoped to counter every move the Americans took. The Brazilian managed to defeat the Netherlands, but did not put pressure on him – the American tried to install the leg lock, but the Brazilian escaped. Then, with both standing, Holland landed on a straight right that shook Cowboy. The Brazilian absorbed the blow and the fight returned to the scene from the start of the tour. In the final seconds, the Brazilian hit a low kick on Holland, lost his balance, searched his back and narrowly missed a naked choke in the back. The American joked in the last seconds, explaining that the blow was not in place.

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Alex Cowboy won the first round against Kevin Holland at UFC 272 – Photo: Getty Images

In the second round, right at the start, Kevin Holland landed a powerful punch from the right, knocking Alex Cowboy down. After that, the American continued the attack and, with a series of punches and elbows next to the fence, forced the referee to declare the final blow to the Brazilian.

Sergey Spivak demolishes Greg Hardy

The main card opener earned a real hit from heavyweight Sergey Spivak over American Greg Hardy. The Moldovan had no trouble controlling his opponent on the ground and kicked him out with a “land and pound” force, forcing the referee to declare a TKO at 2:16 of the first round.

Sergey Spivak defeated Greg Hardy in the first round of UFC 272 – Image: Getty Images

The fight had barely begun and Spivak had already closed the distance to Hardy, and with a punch of Godot, he threw the American with his back to the ground. Hardy still tried to get up several times, but then the Moldovan fell to the ground, who finally got on the mountain and threw a series of punches from top to bottom, eliminating the American.

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