July 24, 2024

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UK and EU coordinate sanctions in retaliation for Russian invasion of Ukraine – International

UK and EU coordinate sanctions in retaliation for Russian invasion of Ukraine – International

The United Kingdom announced on Wednesday that it was expanding its list of victims of sanctions in retaliation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with the European Union (EU).

This includes 178 pre-Moscow separatists and oligarchy close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The British government will impose sanctions on 178 people who support the EU’s illegal secession from Ukraine,” he said. In a statement to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Following the horrific rocket attacks on civilians in eastern Ukraine, today we are supporters of illegal separatist regions and guilty of atrocities against the people of Ukraine,” said British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss.

The report says the new sanctions affect a total of 206 people, including separatists, but “six oligarchs, relatives and officials and 22 more.”

As noted, London has described Alexander Ananchenko and Sergei Kozlov as leaders of the pro-Moscow separatist “republics” Donetsk and Lukansk “self-declaration” among those affected by the sanctions released today; Maria Lavrov, wife of Russian President Sergei Lavrov; Kiev announced yesterday that Viktor Medvetsk, a Ukrainian deputy and wealthy businessman, was close to Putin and had been arrested; Vakit Alekberov, second in Russian oil company Lukoil; And Vladimir Yevtushenkov, chairman of the Sistema Group.

On Wednesday, Jersey authorities announced the freezing of “more than $ 7 billion in assets” owned by the British Crown but suspected of being linked to the Russian “Oli Cork”, independent of the United Kingdom. Roman Abramovich, by court order.

Searches and seizures were carried out at sites in Jersey that were “suspected of being linked to business activities” by Abramovich, and the same area government agreed to use the sanctions imposed by London.

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Due to his close relationship with the Kremlin, this “olicorch” appeared on the list of people affected by the United Kingdom, which led to the early sale of the London football club Chelsea, which the businessman bought in 2003.

On Thursday (14), Boris Johnson’s executive announced his intention to present a speech to parliament that “bans the import of steel products and the export of quantum technologies, advanced products and luxury goods.”

Since the start of the war on February 24, London has imposed sanctions on more than 1,400 people and companies associated with Putin.