June 20, 2024

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UK businessman buys Boeing 747 and transforms it into a private event venue  Fantastic

UK businessman buys Boeing 747 and transforms it into a private event venue Fantastic

In recent years, many airlines have stopped flying Boeing 747s. It is an iconic aircraft, revered by those in business – the so-called Queen of Heaven. But with the epidemic, companies had to cut costs. And those older planes that used more fuel were forced to retire.

There are a few places where the retired plane goes. Some go to the airport cemeteries. Others are recycled – most parts can be used on other aircraft. But for some it will be like the fate of a particular Boeing.

After 26 years of traveling around the world, he last flew in April 2020, the beginning of epidemics. It was the last trip To us To England. The final stop was at a small airport about an hour apart London, Will have to maintain the aircraft until they decide what to do with it. That’s when Susanna came on the scene.

The former business model is also the CEO of the airport. It’s been weeks since she “dated” the plane and every day she comes up with an idea that you do not have: Try to buy the plane. It took almost two months to negotiate. Her lip service worked. Susanna bought the 747 for a pound.

He was able to come up with an index value because he promised the airline to take good care of the aircraft, and argued that it would cost a lot of money to move the idea forward. In total, Susanna has already invested £ 500,000. The plane became the venue for a unique event: birthday, corporate party. The economy class became the bar. Why not rent a Boeing 747, rather than rent a ballroom or a restaurant? You definitely have to pay: a thousand pounds an hour (about R $ 6 thousand). There is a dance floor and everything.

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Susanna says she receives about 30 calls a day from people who want to make a reservation. Watch the full report in the video above.

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