June 20, 2024

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UK launches consultancy to restrict Huawei on telecommunications networks

UK launches consultancy to restrict Huawei on telecommunications networks

Oh Government of England The Chinese technology company began a consultation with the Department of Telecommunications to control the involvement Huawei In the country. The proposed measures seek to guarantee Internet Security British mobile networks, technology at the same time 5G National infrastructure and is increasingly present in the daily lives of the people.

In July 2020, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued an order citing national security concerns Company lock In order to purchase the new equipment used to operate the 5G network, the devices already installed in the country must be completely removed by 2027.

Since then, local providers have begun to retreat Huawei Of networks. As a next step in this process, the government is now required to consult with the telecommunications companies on the proposed measures to effectively regulate the Chinese company under the new telecommunications law.

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The British government’s decision came after the United States banned a Chinese multinational company from using its own microchips. Decide whether or not to use Huawei In mobile networks, in fact, it has put Europe at the crossroads of intense American pressure to ban the group. Washington has accused the Chinese government of leaking data and other security breaches.

According to UK Secretary of Culture, Media and Sports Nadine Doris, the government is committed to ensuring the safety and security of UK telephone networks and the Internet.

“Last year, we introduced new laws to protect UK infrastructure from high-risk vendors and imposed severe restrictions on vendors who failed to meet our high security standards. This advice marks the next step in eliminating the risks posed by Huawei,” he said.

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Legal Obligations for UK Telecom Providers, subject to consultation:

– Remove all equipment Huawei 5G networks by the end of 2027.
– Do not install equipment Huawei On 5G networks, the final address will take effect immediately upon delivery.
– Do not install equipment Huawei Affected by restrictions on networks Whole fiber, Effective immediately after issuing direction. This includes equipment that has changed the supply chain or manufacturing process due to the impact of US sanctions.
– Reduce equipment participation Huawei 35% full fiber networks and 5G access (i.e. non-core) by July 31, 2023, six months later than previously announced due to difficulties faced by providers during epidemics.
– Remove high data rate intra-core and interoperator transmission equipment from Huawei – From all networks by December 31, 2025 – Hardware that transmits data without processing on one network.

Why is that important?

There is global distrust of Huawei, Based on the principles of its proximity with the Chinese government. Western officials cite China’s National Intelligence Act of 2017, which states that domestic companies must “support, cooperate with, and co-operate with national intelligence missions”, particularly forcing the technology company to work in the service. Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In 2020, British lawmakers said in a statement Huawei It is “strongly linked to the State and the BCC, despite its statements”. With this in mind, the company faced Growing distrust In creating networks 5G Around the world, with The implant was rejected In many countries. Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, India, the United States and the United Kingdom have banned the company for fear of using its infrastructure. Spying.

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Guesses about Tracking materials Gives Huawei Late in 2021, amid fears in China and around the world about the consequences of the massive use of facial recognition and other biometric surveillance systems. While the CCP continues to rely on such tools to divert dissent and retain its one-party rule, it warns against the misuse of technology in the private sector.

In 2021, after the pressure of Beijing, the Huawei After the new Personal Data Protection Act came into force, other technology companies were forced not to abuse facial recognition and other surveillance tools. But the veto only applies to the private sector. In the public sector, the newspaper Washington Post The call came in December Huawei The Chinese government’s surveillance machine is larger than imagined.

The data will appear in the presentation Power point It was on the company‚Äôs website and was removed. Packed with “sensitive” items, the company’s technology allows Beijing to identify individuals by voice, track interested parties, manage ideological re-education, organize work schedules for prisoners, and track buyers online. Facial recognition.