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UK presents bill to change Brexit rule - 13/06/2022 - World

UK presents bill to change Brexit rule – 13/06/2022 – World

The British government on Monday (13) introduced a bill to unilaterally change the so-called Northern Ireland ProtocolOne of the most controversial areas BrexitWith the aim of facilitating trade between Great Britain Northern Irish Territory. The proposal has angered EU officials, who are threatening retaliation.

The law, if passed, would exempt British goods from customs duties on trade with Belfast, removing taxes, and Boris Johnson Government Other powers to change the protocol were negotiated on the Irish island – with checkpoints and checkpoints – to avoid a difficult border. Without the treaty, it would be necessary to create a study embargo, as the Republic of Ireland belongs to the European Union and the Northern Irish Territory to the United Kingdom.

The plan highlights differences between the EU and Boris. Black officials condemned the violation of the international agreement, while the prime minister said the changes were legal and “relatively trivial”.

Boris, who Escaped a no-confidence vote Last week, Promised a set of economic measures He sought to strengthen his leadership of the country and regain support in the Conservative Party.

On Monday, Foreign Secretary Lis Truss said the new law would “put an end to an unsustainable situation” in which Northern Irelanders are treated differently from the rest of the UK. London remains open for talks, but he reiterated the condition that the EU accept “deep” changes in ethics.

The module is ready to make changes to the text, but the dialogs are not progressing. European officials warn that if Boris goes ahead with his plan, “they must respond to all available action.”

Since the start of the Brexit talks in 2017, one of the biggest obstacles in Northern Ireland, historically and culturally close to the neighboring Republic of Ireland, has been the protection of the balance of power by insecure forces, members of the European Union (EU). Despite the official departure of the United Kingdom from this camp, which began in February 2020 and ended formally in January 2021, the protocol has always caused tension.

Before delivering his speech in parliament, Truss spoke with European Commission Vice President Maros Shefkovic and his Irish representative, Simon Covini. The EU initially proposed solutions and said that “unilateral actions undermine mutual trust.” After the bill was tabled, he spoke with great concern.

Covini, for his part, criticized the text as “infringing on British obligations under international law.” He accused Truss of “not engaging in meaningful negotiations with the EU”.

The controversy surrounding Northern Ireland ethics was the result of Brexit, which removed the UK from the European public market and created cross-border products among former allies subject to customs and health inspections. Since Ireland is in the EU and Northern Ireland is absent, divorce will have to create a tough border on the Irish island, which could re-ignite the smoking conflict.

The The formula for reconciliation between the two parties Northern Ireland should be kept within the single market of the European Union. The maritime border between Great Britain and the Irish Islands, which includes England, Scotland and Wales, will be explored. Despite signing the contract, Boris did not fulfill it and threatened more than once to ignore the promises.

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Following the announcement of a plan to modify part of the agreement signed by the Prime Minister, the United States expressed its concern over the possibility of the UK unilaterally changing the use of text aimed at guaranteeing peace.