June 16, 2024

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UK: Russian forces fail to advance as planned in Ukraine

UK: Russian forces fail to advance as planned in Ukraine

British Defense Ministry points out that Russians face logistical challenges and strong Ukrainian opposition

The UK Defense Ministry on Saturday night released an update on the status of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to a brief statement posted on social media, three days before the start of the conflict, the organization announced that Russian forces were not advancing as planned.

“They have suffered logistical challenges and strong Ukrainian opposition,” the statement said. Moreover, according to the Ministry of Defense, the Russian military has suffered a series of casualties. “Many Russian soldiers were captured by Ukrainian forces.”

According to the United Kingdom, the Russian government has restricted access to various social networks in the country, “with the possibility of withholding information about the situation in Ukraine from the public.” [da Rússia]”.

Earlier, US Department of Defense sources told AFP Ukraine’s opposition frustrated Russia.

This Saturday (26th) The United States, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic have announced arms donations to Ukraine.

The BBC reports that reports from Moscow indicate that the Russian government has ordered its troops to attack Kiev from all sides in the early hours of Sunday (27) – five hours ahead of Brazilian time. Ukrainian parliamentarian Lesia Vasylenko said her country’s capital was “under unprecedented attack.”

Russian rocket attacks targeting infrastructure have been recordedSuch as the oil depot on the outskirts of Kiev and the gas pipeline in Kharkiv, one of the most populous cities in Ukraine after the capital.