June 22, 2024

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UK – What do I have to do with COP 26, the current environmental conference in Glasgow?

Maria Francisco Mauro. Photo: Revelation

First, we need to find out what a “conference of parties” is, where the UK hosts a conference around the world with a focus on tangible goals for the environment and sustainability. This year, in addition to the traditional annual convention, Glasgow has a sign of an epidemic.

In this situation, human weakness was seriously expressed and the climate crisis touched a large number of people. Previously, if people had seen Katrina with its aftermath, the Ebola epidemics in Africa, the earthquake in Japan, the heat waves in Europe and all sorts of wildfires from California to Australia, the Govt-19 would have had a common impact. Anyone can get infected or lose someone they love.

This vulnerability ends up creating a sense of identity. Thus, for many, the thought of “it might be with me” fell through. I want to do something. Burning in Pantanal, deforestation in the Amazon and being the villain or puppet of an international agenda in Brazil? No matter how detailed we are, our country plays an important role in the environmental debate. From the Atlantic jungles to Cattinga, from the Cerdao to the Acrest, from the tropical jungles to the Amazon, from the Bandana to the Pamba, from the Seroto to the heart of our country, our territory is home to a wide variety of species. We are not responsible and we have an important role to play in preserving the biodiversity of the world. Without empty hashtags, or even illusions, we live in a tropical paradise blessed by God and slaughtered by the inequality of opportunity. Smile, you are Brazilian, you can sleep in chaos and pay for your privilege island.

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Let’s get to the facts. I was born in the countryside, surrounded by a vegetable garden, pigs, chicken coop and coral. When I was a kid, I used to go to the farm almost every afternoon, or many of them. The world of animals, peace, riding my Amazon mare and all the luck of childhood in the countryside were there. Without comparisons, I dreamed of riding on the Amazon for grazing to see what my future would be like. He entered his children’s imagination, taught some children lime on the blackboard, or even his childhood courage, was brave against calves or some animal from Teriro.

What luck! I could not have guessed that it tastes like the future and access to organic food, sustainability, and the appreciation of a simple life. In the unprecedented future, my parents, without knowing anything beyond intuition, created us in an integrated way to nature. With all the care and love, I admired the nature of the interior of Sao Paulo and the backyard of the city of Barretos with japutica trees and large dogs. In September, the trees of the Zaputikaba trees announced the forerunner of spring, and when my backyard was desirable it didn’t give me much in the way of competitions for those kids home without a pond.

Now mature, my father is 84 and my mother is 71, but because of that brutal strength from the countryside, they started teaching me about climate change.

I, who had studied all my life, dropped the horse’s “saddle” for the study bench. I have to admit that I still have more teaching doubts. But using education with its method, I will describe how my parents have become more concerned about the drought in Seroto in recent years.

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Yes drought, lack of rain, or even irregular climate has occupied the world. In addition to the unpredictable weather that prevailed at my parents’ residence in central Brazil, it began to frighten them even more. Throughout my life, if I had heard of drought in the Northeast, some bad weather in Santa Catarina and Parana, I would suddenly hear family members talking about “smoke” like burning candles, and my parents were attacked by many more. Dry climate. In addition to the facts being spread in the media.

When the facts are realized, they take on a “cause” dimension, so, seeing my parents ’sadness, fear, insecurity and grief, I began to want to be indifferent to what I had already done. In a big city. I approach artificiality, I’m talking about some vegetarians, vegetarians or exclusive organic eaters, without knowing what zero carbon emissions are, or we should have a goal of not raising the temperature by 1.5 degrees. The earth is warming.

Wherever you are currently wandering, or choosing the next hashtag, think of Brazil. Note that in the country, without basic hygiene yet, the Human Development Index (HDI) is 84 without access to quality education for the majority. How can we think about climate without even knowing what climate is? Look around you.

However, it should be consistent. Turn off the light, recycle, eat sustainably, invest in renewable energy, invest in sustainable funds or products, and use your purchases responsibly, meaning that the world around you is not for sale. If you have the illusion that you can buy everything, beware, this debt has a deadline.

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Shall we learn together? Recycle your posture.

* Maria Francesca Mauro, Master of Psychiatry from PROPSAM / UFRJ. He works as a psychiatrist specializing in the field of eating disorders and obesity. Collaborative researcher on PROCIBA / HUCFF / UFRJ (Obesity and Periatric Surgery Program at Hospital University) and member of GOTA / IPUB / UFRJ (Obesity and Dietary Disorders Group). PhD student in Propsam / IPUB / UFRJ