June 21, 2024

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Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States has accused Russia of using a vacuum pump

Oksana Margarova called the Russian attacks a “terrible war” and said they had to pay a heavy price.

REUTERS / Mykhailo Markiv / File photoThe use of a vacuum pump is prohibited by the Geneva Convention

Vin Ambassador Ukraine To us To usOksana Markarova, charged Russia He also called on members of the U.S. Congress to help with the use of vacuum pumps during Monday’s bombings. “They used a vacuum pump today, which was actually banned by the Geneva Convention,” Markarova said during a meeting with lawmakers. Since Thursday, the 24th, Ukraine has been facing a “terrible war”, according to the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, which has already killed more than 300 people. According to Markarova, “the catastrophe that Russia is trying to inflict on Ukraine is enormous.” During his speech, the Ukrainian delegation worked closely with the US President’s government and Congress. Joe BidenTo get more weapons and tougher sanctions, and to condemn the actions of the Russians that ‘pay a high price’.

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