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Understand 8 reasons why Cruzeiro players went on strike this week

Understand 8 reasons why Cruzeiro players went on strike this week

Understand what prompted the heavenly representatives to oppose President Sergio Santos Rodriguez, while he was giving a lecture in Europe

The discontent of Cruzeiro’s players and staff and the annoyance of partners put pressure on President Sergio Santos Rodriguez behind the scenes. Salary delays and contradictory procedures have alienated the president from football, and recent results have made allies turn on the manager behind the scenes at the club. All of this culminated in the strike that the players announced on Wednesday.

NS Super FC They chose some points that prompted the players to oppose Cruzeiro’s president, Sergio Santos Rodriguez, and announce their strike in the final stage of the Brazilian Championship. Understand the topics below.

1. Late wages

There is a lot of annoyance with the backlog of wages in the professional football and youth categories – athletes have announced strikes due to backlogs. Players and collaborators are upset for up to six months without payments.

2. The position of the chair

The financial situation is uncomfortable, but it is not the only catalyst for the crisis. Players are also angry at the position of the boss. Amid the biggest financial crisis in the club’s history, the coach has been in Europe on two occasions – the first to take part in the FIFA tournament in Madrid, Spain, and the second to give a lecture on football management, in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

3. False Promise

False promises to coaches are also annoying internally. Luis Felipe Scolari left the club because the president said he would keep salaries updated during his stay, which he did not. The scenario repeats with Vanderlei Luxemburgo, who was set in August of this year. After promising to keep the accounts up to date, the agent finds it difficult to honor his word to the coach.

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4. Ignore employees who earn less

The situations left the manager more and more far from football. To make matters worse, lower-paid employees have not been paid in recent months and have had to rely on athletes’ help to make ends meet. The situation was the last straw for the split between Sergio Rodriguez and the football division.

5. Losing an important ally: Luxembourg

Without speaking to the file, he saw his only ally leave the club at the request of coach Vanderley Luxemburgo. Rodrigo Bastana was fired nine days ago after a meeting between the club’s captain and sponsor, Pedro Lourenco.

6. Behind the scenes at the club

Pressure on Sergio Rodriguez is also growing behind the scenes at the club. Although he has more supporters than opponents in the deliberative council, the leader no longer has the status of the past. Businessman Pedro Lourenco began to criticize the agent’s work.

7. Loss of leadership

Vanderlei Luxemburgo has participated in all of Pedro Lourenço’s football engagements. He avoids talking to senior members about the sport, including the president himself. Pederinho, as he is known, has helped pay salaries in recent months, but only because of his closeness to the current technical committee.

8. Bad results

Pedro Lourenco’s discontent is just one example of the club’s annoyance behind the scenes. There is more irritation due to the recent results. Cruzeiro is 11th in the second division, with 39 points, nine points behind Goias, who is in fourth place. The result leaves the team far from returning to the elite of national football. According to the UFMG mathematics department, the club has a 0.15% chance of reaching. If they fail to move to the First Division, the third consecutive overall team will be in the Second Division.

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