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Understand what Acanthosis Nigricans causes dark spots on the skin

Understand what Acanthosis Nigricans causes dark spots on the skin

We all know that all it takes are small changes in our bodies to be aware of the symptoms. After all, it is important to identify possible diseases and conditions as early as possible. So if you’ve ever wondered what What are dark spots on the skin?You know, there’s a chance you’re a Nigerian acanthosis nigricans. This condition is characterized by dark spots around the armpits and neck.

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What causes Acanthosis Nigricans?

The development of this skin disease is associated with the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, since a high glycemic index can cause this change. But that is not all, other conditions may be responsible for these spots, such as obesity and thyroid problems.

Another factor that greatly influences the prognosis of thistles Negricans is polycystic ovary syndrome, a metabolic disorder. In addition, in more serious cases, there is also a possibility that it is a sign of cancer of the digestive system. Therefore, it is very important to see a doctor as soon as possible, so that a diagnosis can be made.

Treatment and prevention of dark spots on the skin

As you can imagine, the most effective way to avoid this disease is to prevent other conditions that generate this diagnosis. Therefore, regular practice of physical exercises, habits of a healthy diet, as well as early treatment of intestinal diseases are effective in preventing them from developing. In addition, the appropriate palliative measure is to have examinations periodically to detect possible changes in your body.

As for the treatment, it also depends on the causes of the appearance of the spots, since controlling them can make the disease disappear. However, it is always necessary to follow up with the clinician as well as with a dermatologist. Since if the cause is determined to be hormonal, a health professional can prescribe medication. In more serious cases, such as cancer, chemotherapy or radiotherapy this is indicated by an oncologist.

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