June 21, 2024

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UNIMED opens 51 vacancies for doctors in Republika Srpska;  See how to apply

UNIMED opens 51 vacancies for doctors in Republika Srpska; See how to apply

Unimed – The Taquari Valley and Rio Pardo Health Services Cooperative will conduct a new streamlined selection process now in October 2021. The selection will be valid for two years and can be extended for the same period.

The event is to fill 51 vacancies in the disciplines of Anesthesiology, Pediatric Cardiology (Training on Fetal Ultrasound), General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurology, Orthopedics, Traumatology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Rheumatology and Urology.

Vacancies are to work in municipalities:

  • Arroyo de Meow
  • Gladly
  • slab
  • Jackie’s area
  • Santa Cruz do Sul
  • takwari
  • Teutonia
  • star
  • Jackie’s area
  • chubby tapir
  • Good southern retreat
  • Mucum
  • Rio Pardo
  • Vinácio Ayres
  • Ilopolis
  • small tree

Jobs require legal permission to practice and proof of residency in an area of ​​expertise.


Candidates must register by November 9, 2021, exclusively online, through the electronic address www.fundatec.org.br. The registration fee is fixed at R$870.00.

The event will consist of the following steps:

  • Documentation of evidence for approval of registration, of a revocable nature;
  • An objective, exclusionary and qualified test with 50 questions of specific knowledge and legislation;
  • Title test for candidates ranked in the objective test for all disciplines.

The objective examinations will be held on December 12, at the places and times announced on December 3. On December 13, the prototypes for the objective tests will be released on the website www.fundatec.org.br.

The selection process is valid for two years, as of the publication of the relevant final results.