May 18, 2024

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Unimed will open 600 jobs with a new unit in Sierra

Projection of the future advanced unit of Unimed Vitória in Serra. Disclosing image

Cera has been chosen to host Unimed Vitória’s newest healthcare complex. This Friday (24), at 9 a.m., the cornerstone will be laid for the Center for Advanced Unit Services (SUA) in the São Giraldo neighborhood. During the works and after the first phase of construction of the project, it is expected that 590 jobs will be created. 70 million Rls will be invested in building the space.

“It is a milestone in our history. The new unit will enhance and strengthen collaboration, as well as create about 150 jobs for member physicians, 280 vacancies for staff and 160 on-the-job positions. This concept of advanced unit and integrated services is new and we have chosen Serra, at this first moment , to better serve the users of the area, following the growth of the city”, said CEO of Unimed Vitória, Fernando Ronchi.

The Advanced Health Unit will provide opportunities for nurses, nursing technicians, radiology technicians, receptionists, and administrative assistants, among other jobs. Those who wish to participate in the selection can apply by registering their CVs at

The space will house an adult and pediatric emergency care unit, an oncology unit, a laboratory collection center and a basic diagnostic unit — which will be able to provide services such as mammography and MRI, among others. In addition, it will act as a day hospital to perform small procedures. Unimed Personal and Viver Bem Unimed services, which are already in town, will be expanded and remain in the new space.

The advanced unit will have 7,500 square meters of built-up area and the capacity to carry out up to 30 thousand services / month. The construction of the unit will be carried out in phases and fully planned in order to facilitate patient access to all services. The project will be horizontal, with a preference for future expansions. The modern health complex starts a new model of collaborative business: it will be the first project undertaken by Holding Unimed Vitória.

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Vidigal says: We are on the path of development

Vidigal celebrated the installation of Unimed in Sierra. Photo: Gabriel Almeida

The Mayor of Sergio, Sergio Vidigal, has commented on the construction of the new Unimed unit. According to him, for Sera, it is a great honor to have a company with such credibility as Unimed.

In addition to being the largest city and second largest GDP in Espiritu Santo, it was the municipality that generated the most jobs between January and July of this year. With the company’s arrival, another 400 direct jobs will be created. We would like Unimed to see Sierra as their city, and that this encourages other companies to invest in the city as well. We are on a development path and I believe that in the near future, we will be the municipality with the largest number of health facilities in the state.”