September 25, 2023

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United States 1994 - No United Kingdom Team - Blog Almanaque das Copas

United States 1994 – No United Kingdom Team – Blog Almanaque das Copas

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Qatar has 242 days to go before the start of the World Cup

Two teams were suspended by FIFA from participating in qualifying matches: due to the civil war against former Yugoslavia and Bosnia; And Chile, as goalkeeper Roberto Rojas (played as if struck by a fan-launched rocket) sets the stage for the 1990 World Cup qualifier against Brazil in Maracana.

For the first time since the war, no member of the United Kingdom has qualified for the World Cup: Wales lost to Belgium and Romania; Northern Ireland lost to Spain and Ireland; Scotland lost to Italy and Switzerland; And the mighty England, surprisingly, lost their place to Holland and Norway.

Another surprise was the elimination of France, who had lost their place to Sweden and Bulgaria in their last match of the group, beating France.

Russia, new in the trophy

In the South American zone, Colombia beat Argentina 5-0 and surprised everyone by sending Hermanos to play against Australia at the Memorial de Nunes Stadium in Buenos Aires. In the controversy, Argentine coach Alfio Basil decided to summon Maradona to win the place.

Another surprise for South America, Uruguay, finished third in their group, losing their place to Brazil and surprising Bolivia.

Four teams qualified for the trophy for the first time: Saudi Arabia, Greece, Nigeria and Russia, the latter of which previously participated as part of the former Soviet Union.