June 16, 2024

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US and UK record contagion boost booster dose – international

New York, London and Brussels – The United States and the United Kingdom have set new records in new cases. Govit-19. According to experts, delta types and mainly Ômicron are causing a new wave of infections. The average number of seven-day moving cases in the United States reached 267,000 on Wednesday, the 29th. New York Times. The United Kingdom A total of 183,000 new infections in 24 hours – in the country, 90% of admissions are for those who do not take the booster dose.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the “tsunami” of Ômicron infections over the past seven days has increased the pressure on health systems, which are “on the verge of collapse”. In the United States, the Ômicron delta variation is just a few weeks old and represents 96.3% of new cases in the three northwestern US states (Oregon, Washington and Idaho), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In the UK, the situation is recurring. The ScotlandFor example, in 24 hours 15,849 new trials were reported positive for Kovit, the highest daily total since the onset of the epidemic, breaking the previous record of 11,030 set on December 26th. The UK daily number also set a record, with 138,287 cases reported on Wednesday and 117,093 on Tuesday.

With the registration of new cases, hospital admissions also increase. There are an average of 71,000 people a day in the United States. Mortality is also on the rise, with a daily average of 1,243 – as of January 26, 3,342 deaths were reported in the country, the highest ever. “The tidal wave of Ômicron cases will flood most of the country within the next month,” said Neil Sekel, a professor at the University of Maryland.

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Micron variation is faster than vaccinated ones, including delta. In the UK, 9 out of 10 ICUs in Kovit did not take the booster dose of the vaccine, the Prime Minister said. Boris Johnson, Which made a new appeal to people to take extra dose before the New Year. “Micron variability continues to cause real problems. We see an increase in cases in hospitals,” Johnson said.


Due to the increase in cases and hospitalizations, the UK has launched a new campaign to promote the vaccine. At least 57% of the population over the age of 12 has already taken the extra dose.

The aim is to provide reinforcement to full-grown people by the end of this year – officials say. In the United States, the government of the President Joe Biden Try to speed up the extra dose. So far, 32.7% of people have received a booster.

According to official data from the Agency de France Press, the world is moving an average of 935,863 new cases per day. The total is higher than the previous record between April 23 and 29 with 817,000 daily infections. “The overall risk associated with micron variation is very high,” the WHO warned in its weekly report. The document shows that the number of cases doubles every two to three days. / New, REUTERS and AFP