June 21, 2024

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Crédito: Reprodução/Revista Monet

USA: Woman intimidated by ex-boyfriend, saved by mark learned in Dictok.

An unidentified woman was at the home of a brother on Sunday (10). Ex-boyfriend Jonathan Smith, 31, came and rode in a pickup truck. At that moment, he started threatening her. When they stopped at a gas station, she gestured and saved what she had learned from TikTok. The lawsuit was filed in Tennessee, USA. Information from Monet magazine.

Lt. Mike Todo said there was a physical collision when the two were inside the truck. “Then the woman told me to leave. Smith said, ‘No.’ At that moment, he picked up a screwdriver and said that if he did not have one, no one else could.

Later, he stopped at a gas station and the two went to the store. The woman then wisely made the gesture she had learned at Dictok to the cashier. She nodded as he repeated.

The boy called police and tried to stop the service. Smith realized what was happening and ran. A chase continued, at one point, he collided with his truck and tried to escape on foot. However, he was arrested by the police.

Gestures made by the woman include showing the palm, bending the thumb and closing the fist. It was created in 2020 by an advertising agency at the request of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, a Canadian NGO.

Reproduction / Canadian Women’s Foundation

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