September 24, 2023

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Vaccination passport required in Florianópolis will use Connect SUS

Vaccination passport required in Florianópolis will use Connect SUS

The vaccination passport, under study by the City of Florianópolis, must use Connect SUS technology. The system is national and is fed with data provided by the municipalities’ secretariats. Foreign tourists will be able to provide proof of vaccination from their country of origin.

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All regulations for the vaccination passport will be determined after a meeting between the city council and the tourism sector authorities. The meeting will take place later this week, and the decree containing details of the procedure is scheduled to be published at the end of October.

The mandatory passport will be valid for places or events that welcome more than 500 people. Organizations with less capacity may adopt this measure as an option. The city is considering distributing the “safe site” seal to program administrators.

For the Director of Tourism, Sports and Culture, Vinicius de Luca Filho, a conversation with the sector will be essential to determine how the passport will be operated.

Dialogue with the authorities is very important to find out the best way to activate it. For 500 people, this is one thing, 10 thousand is another – he said.

What do you know so far

The city announced that the vaccination passport must be collected from November 16. Two doses for adults and one dose for those under 18 years of age will be required, as the deadline for a second dose for this entire group will not be complete yet.

Proof will be done by Connect SUS app. Other events or businesses with a capacity of less than 500 people who wish to request a vaccination may receive a Safe Place stamp to be displayed in front of the establishment and also disclosed on the Florianópolis City Hall website.

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