June 21, 2024

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VALORANT Champions 2021: Keyd players comment on the penalty: ‘An undeniable thing’

Vivo Keyd players commented on Punishment applied by Riot Games About the team that lost victory in the beginning against Acend no Valoring champions 2021, to use a cypher camera error. JhoW, who broke the rule, said the decision was indisputable.

The decision has already been made and it is indisputable. I apologize for the hesitation, that wasn’t really the intention and we’d win the series even with the camera in our pocket, but the rules are the rules and our plan to win every showdown hasn’t changed yet. JhoW wrote: Let’s race one game at a time.

JhoW commented on the decision that reversed Keyd’s win for Acend (Photo: Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

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mwzera also commented on the punishment. “The sad thing is knowing it was never the nature of map tapping or wanting to have an advantage, we don’t need that to win, and it was even in a 9×4 echo if we were warned in the middle of the game that we obviously wouldn’t, but the rule Is a rule, anyway, let’s not let it go, believe me, family!”.

Heat said he was very upset and regretted not being able to speak to Acend before the final decision.

Comments from foreign players

Asuna, the player of 100 Thieves, said this was “the worst application of the rule I’ve ever seen.”

POACH, captain of the Built By Gamers team, believes Keyd should indeed be punished, but the use of the camera was not the reason the Brazilians won the match. “The match must be played again, and in no way should guarantee points [para a Acend] Based on the number of rounds the camera was used,” he wrote.