May 20, 2024

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Variation causes the employee crisis in the British Civil Service

Variation causes the employee crisis in the British Civil Service

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UK UK $ 1.3bn opens for companies affected by the Omicron variant

Up to 90% of patients with Govt-19 in the UK ICU do not have a booster dose

Ô Micron strikes America and Europe

Wave of infection by Omigron variant Not the UK, It broke the record of 200,000 daily cases on Tuesday, Raised fears of a severe shortage of staff in hospitals, schools and other public services.

With a population of 67 million, The United Kingdom Is one of the most affected countries Govit-19 In Europe, with 148,941 deaths Confirmed since the onset of the epidemic, 48 of which were recorded on Tuesday, according to government data.

Even today, a new 24-hour positive case record was recorded: 218,724, a number that includes long weekend “delayed cases”, but may have been affected by the lack of a free antigen test.

In a country with a high percentage of vaccines, Admitted to hospital (About 2,000 today) is far from the peak of previous waves and the number of people in need of a respirator (883) remains constant.

The Public Health Service (NHS)However, it faces problems with a large number of employees who are isolated after a positive test. About 50,000 of them did not go to work last week due to ill health or isolation, the “Sunday Times” reported.

“Our NHS is on the warpath,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a news conference.

Disorder in transport and education

Train service is also affected by staff shortages, which now force many routes to be canceled, resulting in long waits for those returning from work after the previous holiday.

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“It’s been proven that many people have an infection at Christmas, but this variant is very contagious, but it’s good news that it does not cause serious illness like some other types,” Public Health Secretary Maggie Troop told Sky News Channel. .

Under the latest rules, isolation for 10 days after a positive end for the new corona virus can be reduced to seven if the test is negative for two consecutive days.

Students returned to schools on Tuesday, but faced widespread teacher shortages and the possibility of class affiliations, with British officials calling in retired professionals to strengthen the service.

Nonetheless, “face-to-face teaching is the norm,” Education Minister Nadim Zahawi said on Twitter. Premier Boris Johnson acknowledged that “the coming weeks will be difficult,” but said the harassment was “less serious than national imprisonment, with its devastating consequences”.

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