July 25, 2024

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Venezuela’s opposition will embark on an international tour to bolster support in talks with the Maduro regime

Venezuela’s opposition will embark on an international tour to bolster support in talks with the Maduro regime

Gerardo Flight will lead the delegation on the international tour

Led by Venezuela Juan Quito announced this Thursday that he would embark on an international tour of various countries to gain “support” for the “immediate” negotiation process with the Nicolas Maduro regime.

“A delegation has embarked on an international tour that will begin holding high-level meetings with Democrats and Republicans with the Joe Biden administration and senators in Washington.”Says a statement of anti-Savista.

Quitte retweeted the text explaining it They seek to “consolidate support and align everything necessary for the immediate comprehensive negotiation process.”, Which the opposition will try to find with the executive what it calls the “salvation pact”.

According to the document, The delegation will be led by rival Gerardo Flight, Already had contacts with Norway, an intermediary between the parties.

In May, Guide announced his intention to negotiate with the Maduro regime to reach a “national salvation agreement” to overcome the crisis in Venezuela.

President Juan Guida in charge of Venezuela
President Juan Guida in charge of Venezuela

The opposition wants “free” and “fair” general elections, and Maduro has responded to the proposal by saying he is ready to meet with “all opposition parties” but has demanded that international sanctions be lifted before the debate can take place.

These barriers are used by the opponent for the bargaining chip depending on how the conversation progresses.

So far, both parties have no date to sit down at the table to begin negotiations.

Meanwhile, Colombian presidents, Evan Duke; Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso; And Peru, Francisco Chagasti; Participated International Conference of Donors in Solidarity with Immigrants and Refugees from Venezuela, Which takes place almost this Thursday.

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Has organized the conference Canada, The country that reported that the number of participating countries with the nature of donors will rise to 29 this year.

Ivan Duke, Guillermo Lasso and Francisco Sagasti
Ivan Duke, Guillermo Lasso and Francisco Sagasti

The purpose of the conference is to raise awareness of the international community about the migration crisis in the region. In addition, Aims to mobilize resources in support of displaced people and key host communities, Addresses the situation exacerbated by COVID-19 and leads to greater commitment and coordination among key actors.

In this sense, the International Conference of Donors in Solidarity with Venezuelan Refugees and Immigrants Raised $ 954 million to help 5.7 million Venezuelan refugees and immigrants Displaced people in Latin America at a “critical moment” of this crisis.

This is how he defined it Filippo Grande, High Commissioner for Refugees to the United Nations, said The epidemic “is wreaking havoc in Latin America and the Caribbean,” leaving refugees and immigrants from Venezuela “facing increasing security concerns.”

“One in four Venezuelan children is separated from one or both parents. One-third go to bed hungry. Nearly two-thirds have not attended school since the outbreak began. Women are at higher risk. Domestic violence, sexual harassment and abuse are on the rise ”Added.

On Thursday, however, the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro condemned the holding of the “Venezuelan Immigrant Donors Conference” and It has already donated $ 954 million from the international community to help more than five and a half million displaced people.

“The Venezuelan community today, on its part, is angrily watching the development of a new version of the media mockery known as the ‘Donor Conference for Venezuelan Immigration’. Without knowing the target of the big funds that are said to have been declared and collected in the last two years for that purpose, ”he said. George Areza, Foreign Minister of the Venezuelan regime, in a statement.

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