April 24, 2024

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Video: Doctor breathes in during office hours after hearing patient complain about delays in care: 'We're tight too' |  Matthew Grosso

Video: Doctor breathes in during office hours after hearing patient complain about delays in care: ‘We’re tight too’ | Matthew Grosso

A doctor lost patience in the middle of work at a reference health unit for Covid-19 care, in Alta Floresta, 800 kilometers from Cuiabá, after hearing a patient abuse other health professionals at the site due to delays in care, this Thursday (20).

A video recorded by people waiting for care shows the moment a doctor goes outside the health unit and asks patients to be patient, saying that specialists are also overburdened. (Watch above)

“Please be a little patient, we are here too. No one asked to gather, for God’s sake. Now you have to be patient to wait here, because we don’t know what to do anymore,” he says in an excerpt from the video.

The doctor continues his anger by asking if anyone has any suggestions for speeding up the care, as the professionals have already done everything to try and fulfill the request.

If you don’t cooperate and stop calling the chancellor, the mayor, “the fifth of hell,” we won’t be able to do the service. I would ask everyone to understand that service will take time. Anyone want to ask something? Anyone want to suggest something? Would you like anything else? “

to me g 1The health unit has received demand from patients above normal in recent weeks, and this has increased the burden on everyone, patients and health professionals, said Louise Wagner Golimbowski.

According to him, one of those waiting at the place, Thursday, was disturbed by the delay and began to seek the assistance of reception professionals, technicians and nursing teams.

“At that moment, I was crossing the hallway and heard it, so I ended up getting excited about the situation. This is a behavioral issue of humans, of not having the patience to wait. He explained that when patients demand increases, waiting time increases.”

Louise Wagner stated that there was no shortage of supplies and medicine at the site and that the staff had been expanded. The problem, he says, is that the number of people seeking medical care has skyrocketed.

He said he believes this new wave of Covid-19 infections is a reflection of the holiday season.

He pointed out that “everyone is working doubly to try to meet the demand, trying to meet everyone with the minimum quality, so there is no point in coming here screaming, because everyone will have to wait, and no one is better than anyone else.” Outside.

How is the service?

The doctor said the team had to change the way they work at the health unit due to the high demand.

He explained that each patient has a scan and test time of about 10 minutes. Some of the more severe patients undergo 6-hour observation for supplemental exams and medication application.

Services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, with the exception of critically ill patients. These, according to the doctor, have priority in care.

The municipality of Alta Floresta (MT) has created new measures to combat COVID-19 – Photo: Acesuria

To try to contain the progress of Covid-19 in the municipality, Mayor Valdemar Gamba has published a new decree This week, by setting a curfew between 00:00 and 05:00, and limiting the service capacity of all commercial establishments by 50%.

The latest city council bulletin indicates 220 active cases and 146 suspects. Of the ten intensive care beds available in the city, four are occupied.

Bars, cafeterias, restaurants, and the like must also adopt an emergency protocol limited to 50% of venue capacity.

The decree also prohibits activities in concert halls, performances, cabarets, concerts and the like. Live music is still allowed in bars and restaurants, but entrance fees will be prohibited.