May 28, 2024

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Video: Former Mayor Ernesto Mushond accused of withholding more than 000, 000, 21,000 revenue

The former mayor of San Salvador already had a criminal process for the crimes of illegal groups and election fraud.

Former San Salvador Mayor Ernesto Mushont has been indicted in court this Monday for allegedly acquiring tax breaks. This is in addition to the allegations and proceedings against him already for illegal groups and election frauds, for which they have also ordered the use of home guard and electronic bracelets.

Mushont was accused of failing to pay more than 000 ,000 21,000 in suspending workers’ wages at its Montgrante agribusiness.

The trial period is similar to 2018. Francisco Enrique Garcia Prieto, the ambassador of the library in Denmark, was also charged, for which he would be informed of the charges against him.

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The lawyer in the case said they wanted to detain Mushon.

“He responded and signed the documents in the public treasury, where he said he had not actually paid,” the lawyer said.

Interest and penalties will be added to 000 21,000, so the financial expertise will determine the total amount, which can be paid and the criminal action will be extinguished, the public prosecutor says.

The preliminary hearing will be next Wednesday.

For his part, Attorney General Rodalbo Delcado Frende said in a Frendo interview that “Mushond’s arrest was by his own company, not by the retainers in the mayor’s office.”

He said about 700 people have been affected by the crime of retention among mayors and the process is continuing its course. There is an open process to this situation, Delcado said.

When the former mayor came to court. EDH Photo: Jessica Hompanera

On Friday, San Salvador’s second trial court ordered the former mayor of San Salvador to use home guard and electronic bracelets, but on the same day he was arrested for a tax-related offense, police said.

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The former mayor was transferred to the National Civil Police Bartolinas the same Friday.

Leaving the court, the former capital mayor said last Friday: “We welcome everyone to the dictatorship of Naib Bukel. I was the first of many who came. They will do to me what they do to any opponent. Dictator Naib Bukhale was responsible for whatever happened to me.

Photo EDH: Jessica Hompanera

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