June 12, 2024

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Video. Tensions are running high in Aquila; They pull down the gates of military camps

Aquila, Michoacன்n.— Moments of the most recent conflict between the inhabitants of the municipality Aquila, Mycovagan, And elements of the Mexican military, were videotaped from inside military camps.

In one of the pictures, the villagers are placed on alert when the main gate of the operation site is demolished by a garbage truck.

Another of the videos gives a description of the moments when people throw rockets and stones Army camps.

The Military componentsDisperse, and at the same time throw tear gas canisters Expression.

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Further recordings reveal the moment when one of the wounded soldiers was treated by his comrades and taken to another place in the basement on a stretcher.

Some of the injured residents were also taken care of by relatives and other residents.

Aquila residents were tired of living in solitude

Residents of Aquila municipality have been detained by land for at least three months and without electricity and without a telephone signal for several weeks, so they protested in the municipal seat.

Security officers and residents hold Jalisco new generation cartel Cutting sieges and road accesses.

Further Cartels United, To disrupt the power supply and prevent the CFE from doing its job to restore service.

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Residents of the area in the Deora colony said they felt humiliated living in isolation as a result of a dispute between hostile groups. Organized crime.

At the rally, they again demanded that officials from three levels of government resolve the issue that had dragged them down for months.

In addition to being isolated, people reported that the power outage had already wreaked havoc on their food and health due to the high temperatures in the area.

Although the Mexican military and GN have a blockade in Aguila, they have not taken action to stop the movement of criminal groups.

This angered the citizens who confronted them, who said they had to do something and prevent them from surviving in those conditions as if they were on an island.

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They prevented a helicopter from Federal and Armed Forces landing at the landing site to feed the army. National Guard.

First, when controversial cartels cut off highway accesses and roads, people became entangled in their municipality.

Later, criminal systems damaged the power plant, along with telephone contact.

In addition, they recalled, they were caught in a cross game of clashes and attacks, and some homes were burned.

Tensions remain high at this time, but protests have stopped because the CFE was able to restore energy service.


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