June 23, 2024

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Vinales apologizes to Yamaha after vandalism and suspension

Vinales apologizes to Yamaha after vandalism and suspension

Maverick Vinales explained himself after the suspension applied by Yamaha (Photo: Yamaha)

Maverick Vinales He finally spoke after being stopped by Yamaha and missed this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix at Red Bull Ring. Spanish The team accused him of “irregular operation of equipment”, by forcing the bike’s engine multiple times in the final laps of the race in Styria.

The situation between the Vinales and Yamaha is not the best. The breaking point was the weekend for the German Grand Prix. The defector started in 21st place and was the last to receive the checkered flag. To make matters worse, he saw teammate Fabio Quartararo start in the front row and finish again on the podium, maintaining the lead in MotoGP. With that, he lost his patience and went on the offensive against his team.

Another point that caused discomfort is change engineer: Esteban Garcia, Silvano Galbucera, former partner left Valentino RossiOn the eve of the Catalonia race. At that time, in a very polite way, Viñales said that the change was painful, but He thanked Yamaha for their efforts to get the most out of it. Immediately after the Dutch Grand Prix, when he came in second, the Spaniard announced his departure from the Japanese automaker at the end of the current season.

Maverick Viñales has been stopped outside the Austrian Grand Prix (Photo: Publicity/MotoGP)

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“I am very sad. It is a strange situation, it is difficult to understand, but I am very lucky to have people helping me. I am also very disappointed with the results, we are not where we want to be,” Viñales told Sky Sports Italia.

When asked why he was forced into the Yamaha engine, Maverick tried to explain and blame the feelings he experienced during the race. According to the team, the Spaniard’s behavior could damage the bike’s engine, putting not only Maverick but also the other riders at risk of injury.

“I was frustrated because in the second start the bike was not the same as in the first part. I was so angry. I want to apologize to Yamaha for directing my power the wrong way and behaving badly,” he said. “I don’t know if this situation can be resolved. Now, I want to try to think and find peace to come back stronger than before,” the Spaniard added.

Vinales also commented on the support he has received from other riders on the grid in recent days. “I want to thank those who have shown their solidarity. I have received messages from my colleagues who do not have close relations with me and this has made me happy.”

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An onboard photo shows how Maverick Vinales attempted to damage a Yamaha engine at the end of a GB Styrene race (Video: MotoGP)

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