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Vitor cites Roger Guedes' "blackout" but praises the efforts of the Corinthians striker |  Corinthians

Vitor cites Roger Guedes’ “blackout” but praises the efforts of the Corinthians striker | Corinthians

Coach Vitor Pereira, on Saturday, explained the reasons for continuing to choose Roger Guedes as a striker in Corinthians. after, after 2-0 win over Al ShababThe Itaqueira coach praised the player’s efforts and said he suffers from “blackouts” when playing on the sides of the field.

My relationship with the players is honest and sincere. I already told Roger that despite the high quality, there are a lot of blackouts in the game. There are times when there are times when it isn’t. For me, he needs a game that is systematically asked with the ball. If you touch him on the sides, he will have moments of blackouts. It turns on and off, reacts late.

– Knowing that in fact he is not a reference zone striker, but a player who has the ability to move, has technical competence, is unified, he has to appear in the area to score goals. When we get in, he has to be quick and show up, and he’s fast. He has everything. What has changed? To be there and want to do, want to do things. He is not upset, he is uncomfortable in new roles, but this allows him to be constantly in the game and he will not part too often – said the coach.

Roger Guedes vs Corinthians vs Juventus – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

“I made that effort and helped. It’s a shame he didn’t score a goal today, but I’m satisfied, very satisfied with his work. If he’s committed, he’s a good player without a doubt. More value to us.”

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It was precisely the striker’s position that led to the friction between Vitor Pereira and Roger Guedes in recent weeks. The player has already made it clear that he prefers to play on the sides of the field, but the coach insists on choosing him as No. 9.

Incidentally, the trend is for Roger to continue in his position. With Joe gone, the cast only had Junior Moraes for the role. However, the naturalized Ukrainian-Brazilian has not yet participated in Timao.

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Corinthians Banner – Photo: Reproduction

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