September 29, 2023

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Vtor Pereira explains why Gustavo Mosquito lost space in Corinthians

Vtor Pereira explains why Gustavo Mosquito lost space in Corinthians

Gustavo Mosquito shared the last minutes of Corinthians beat Fortaleza on Sunday. The player spent about seven minutes on the field and coach Vitor Pereira explained why the number 19 shirt “disappeared”.

At a post-match press conference, Vitor Pereira said that mosquitoes suffer from chronic tendinitis. According to the coach, the athlete’s speed makes him feel a kind of sting in the tendon when he is having strong sprints.

“One of the greatest honors I have in football is working with young people who have potential, who need more maturity, who play one day and then the other. Gustavo suffers from chronic tendinitis. He’s a fast player and when you feel a tingling in the tendon, when he’s in the muscles that promote powerful sprints, that’s something to relax him.. “It was his bad luck, it inflamed the gut as he treats it,” he said in a post-match news conference.

“I have never seen Gustavo reach the speed he did before we arrived. Now he has this limitation that does not allow maximum acceleration. It was unlucky. We are trying to control this problem“, pointed out.

Under Vitor Pereira, Gustavo Mosquito has played ten matches for Corinthians this season – in five he has been a starter. There were four wins, two draws and four defeats. 19 shirt hit the net in the chance. The coach played 13 matches with Corinthians.

Pereira praised other players Gustavo Mantoan and Edson. Corinthians fans have had more space with the coach, who is keen to say he enjoys working with the young athletes.

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“Mantuan and Edson also have quality and they need time and they will all develop. We have more people in the academy with quality and that is one aspect of football that makes me happy.

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