May 25, 2024

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WEG will use a factory in the US to manufacture the wind turbines

WEG will use a factory in the US to manufacture the wind turbines

WEG will begin manufacturing wind turbines at the High Voltage Motors and Generators plant located in Minneapolis, USA. The move “will lead to plans to participate in the US wind generation market,” the Santa Catarina-based company said Monday (6).

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WEG reported that the planned initial investments were not appropriate and had already been considered in the capital budget approved by the company. The company’s plan is to use the US unit to gradually produce a 7 MW wind turbine base.

The industrial park in Minneapolis has an area of ​​45 thousand square meters and about 200 employees. According to WEG, the unit has “modular capacity and operational flexibility that will allow expansion to suit the company’s needs”.

The plant will start delivering the first turbines from 2026. In the meantime, the company wants to start offering sales contracts and build a local chain of parts suppliers for the equipment.

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In a statement, WEG added that it is committed to the strategic and continuous growth of its wind generation business in its current operating markets of Brazil and India.

The operation in the United States represents the company’s strategy to diversify the production of this type of equipment in new markets. In March, WEG announced Temporarily disable Production of wind turbines in Jaraguá do Sul from the second half of the year due to low demand in the country.

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