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What do you do to improve the rhinitis crisis?  Food can soften

What do you do to improve the rhinitis crisis? Food can soften

Rhinitis occurs when there is inflammation of the nasal mucosa. they Main symptoms Runny nose, constant sneezing, stuffy nose and itchy eyes, nose, throat and even the roof of the mouth.

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Treatment for symptom relief is usually done with natural elements, such as herbs, botanicals, and supplements, as well as including foods that help strengthen the immune system in the diet. Knowing this, we chose 5 foods that fight rhinitis.

5 foods that fight the rhinitis crisis

1 – ginger


It is a homemade solution that can significantly relieve the discomfort caused by rhinitis. Because it contains substances that act as anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antiviral. In addition, it is a great immunostimulant. When a rhinitis crisis occurs, the use of ginger helps relieve bronchial congestion and improve runny nose, cough, and headache.

2 – garlic


As much as ginger is useful, garlic can be used to improve rhinitis attacks because it is an ingredient that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, helps strengthen the immune system, and is an antioxidant and has a positive effect in eliminating the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. It also acts as an expectorant and a nasal decongestant.

3 – pineapple


One of the great benefits of eating pineapple is that it contains an enzyme called bromelain, which helps get rid of phlegm or nasal mucus. It also helps to strengthen the body, as it is a source of vitamin C.

4 – apple


Eating an apple can be a solution not so much with the unpleasant symptoms of rhinitis. The fruit is rich in quercetin, an element that is able to fight infections in the body, and it also contains pectin that strengthens immunity, in addition to cleaning the body of toxins.

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5 – Pisces


They help to strengthen the body, because they contain good sources of fats and fatty acids such as omega-3. Consumption of fish such as tuna, sardines and salmon helps fight inflammatory processes and has an antioxidant effect.